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Personal Assistance as Prerequisite for De-institutionalization – Adolf Ratzka

Workshop on De-institutionalization: From Theory to Practice Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Athens February 2020
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Real personal assistance, not fake substitutes! – Adolf Ratzka

Video lecture for the “Segundo Congreso Europeo sobre Vida Independiente”, Valencia October 2018.
Most of the personal assistance schemes we see today do not deserve to be called that way, because they do not enable us to have the quality of life we deserve, that is the quality of life that all non-disabled people take for granted. These schemes do not give us enough hours, you don’t get to see the money, somebody else hires, sets wages, trains and fires assistants – you are not the boss in your assistants’ eyes. You don’t make the decisions. You have to share assistants with other users. So what is real personal assistance, what are the services like that can compensate for our impairments and can enable us to live ”equal to others”? What differentiates real personal assistance from cheap fake substitutes.
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Breathing and talking with CPAP mask and ventilator – Adolf Ratzka

Adolf Ratzka shows how to adapte a CPAP mask and configure the ventilator to your needs so you can talk with the mask. 
To be more specific for your needs, please get in contact with IVUN, the International Ventilator Users Network at There you can get addresses of clinics and experts close to you as well as info and advice on equipment.
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Mechanical ventilation : my journey from Iron Lung to CPAP mask – Adolf Ratzka

For over half a century I have used various machines that help me breathe. 
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¡Asistencia personal real, no sustitutos falsos! – Adolf Ratzka

 Segundo Congreso Europeo sobre Vida Independiente – Valencia, 25 y 26 de octubre de 2018.


FALSA vs VERDADEIRA Assistência Pessoal – Adolf Ratzka

Assistência Pessoal como Pré-requisito para a Desinstitucionalização , Adolf Ratzka, Atenas, 2020.
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Osobná asistencia – overený spôsob začlenenia ľudí s ťažkým telesným postihnutím, Košice, Novembra 2017.